Most of the questions that you see bellow are extracted from the correspondence we have with our customers, and are the questions that seem to emerge most often.

Please have a look at each of them and if you do not find an answer to your question we urge you to send us an e-mail so that we can do our best to answer it.

Question:  I had a look at the suggested tours, I like one of them, but I’d like to modify the itinerary, is it possible?

Answer: Yes, of course you can, our tours are highly customizable according to your needs and desires. We encourage you to give us any suggestions you night have, we can join two tours together, we can add or remove features from a tour or we can even build a brand new tour according to your suggestions!

Question: Are the tours scheduled to depart on a certain date?

Answer: No, our private tours start whenever you decide, according to the time you have available.

Question: What is the starting point of the tour?

Answer: Most tours begin in Bucharest and this is the preferred arrival location because of the international airport, but we can also accommodate other arrival locations.

Question: What happens if we decide to visit some extra sites whilst on the tour, can you accommodate last minute changes?

Answer: We will do our best to accommodate any ideas that you will have about the itinerary, though it is worth taking into consideration the fact that in most cases such changes are subject to room availability and even to extra charges. Additional cost generated by last minute changes will be billed separately.

Question: How many guests can you accommodate?

Answer: On theory, there is no limit, although larger groups require us to make some modifications to the itinerary as some venues that we are involved with can not accommodate larger groups, so in order to benefit from our best services please contact us in due time.

Question: What is it that we have to do for a secure booking with your company?

Answer: In order to have a secure booking you will be required to make an advance pre-payment consisting of 10% out of the total cost of the tour via PayPal.

Question: What are the payment arrangements for private tours?

Answer: Other than the down payment, made to secure the tour, the full amount must be paid with cash upon arrival or at least 48 hours in advance of the tour via PayPal.

Question: What do I do if I want to cancel my booking altogether?

Answer: Your tour can be cancel at any time. No cancellation fees are charged up to 21 days prior to the tour.

Question: Do we need to have individual travel insurance?

Answer: Yes, it is recommended that you have individual private insurance policy that will cover any health related that may arise during the trip. Insurance for lost/stolen luggage is also recommended

Question: Why is it that we do not find any Hotels mentioned? Can you specify some of the criteria used to pick a hotel?

Answer: We do not specify any hotel because most often this is a decision made as a result of the pre-tour correspondence back and forth between the customer and our office. The hotels that we use range from typical 3, 4 or 5 star hotels, to family run guesthouses and nice and cozy Bed &Breakfast. During our e-mail exchange we will discuss the most suitable option for you.

Question: Why is it that in most cases only the breakfast is the only included meal of the day?

Answer: Breakfast is the only meal because we do not like our customers to be constricted to a schedule and a preset menu meal. We prefer to offer as much flexibility as possible; our travel guides can offer acceptable options for meals in any locations. The only time when we make arrangements for meals is in situations where we feel that you will miss out on something (like a home hosted meal) but even then we are open for suggestions.

Question: Are your private guides and drivers licensed and do they speak English?

Answer: Our private English speaking guide/driver, are some of the best in the country, experienced, knowledgeable and personable, with excellent English skills, they are licensed and are very familiar with the roads and routes on your tour.

Question: Will we have to pay for the guide`s meals as well?

Answer: The guide has a meal allowance, so he will pay for his own meals and you do not have to pay for anything else other than what we agree upon.