Dear travelers,

Welcome to ExclusiveRomania.com!

My name is Valentin Gheorghe and I am the Manager of Exclusive Romania by Velvettours.

I’ve worked for 10 years with Grand Circle Travel Company as a program director. During this time I lead tours all around Central and Eastern Europe and enjoyed it tremendously.

Three years ago I got married and I have decided to get involved in a “home based” tourism project. The idea came naturally in my mind, as I have realized how important personalized travel services and care are, when traveling in this part of the world.

Together with me I have Sorin Crupa, an experienced guide with a great personality.

We create and lead our own tours in order to keep a high standard of quality and make sure YOU get the best services and care. Lately, thanks to the increasing interest in our services, our team grew. We have asked for help within the family and nowadays we are welcoming our “better halves”, Ruxandra and Andrea into our team. This way you will find us on the road, and the ladies behind the scenes.

We believe that one understands a country better by understanding its history, by knowing its people and their traditions. Eastern Europe may be for many an unbeaten path, but we are here to make sure that you come as traveler and leave as a friend.


“My area of expertise is finance with a recent development in human resources as well. I have joined Velvet Tours in December 2009, and I am taking care of all the accounting and administrative matters. This helps the boys have more time for our customers while I deal with the papers.”

“For me this is the best opportunity to combine my literature and history studies with showing travelers the customs and traditions of my country. I took this adventurous road a few years ago and it got to be a way of life. My most favorite area is Bukovina, the fairy tale land I grew up in, yet I take pride in discovering the unbeaten paths of Transylvania as well. Lets discover my country together!”

“It is great fun to work alongside with my fiancee. I have graduated from business administration, and have 5 years experience as sales manager. From now on, I will cover the marketing part of this project”.

Tel. +40 734 860 377
Address: No. 6 Istriei Str.
31492 Bucharest,